Thanks to its proximity and excellent connections to the city of Basel, Riehen’s population benefits from the full range of goods and services available in the urban metropolis. This is not to suggest that Riehen itself is not extremely attractive too – quite the opposite. As the location of the world-famous Fondation Beyeler, Riehen already enjoys a special status. Another big-name museum is the Kunst Raum Riehen, with a focus on regional contemporary art. And there’s one museum the kids in particular will love: the MUKS Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen.

But fantastic culture aside, it’s also a great place to live: beautiful parks and gardens invite you to enjoy a unhurried stroll and unwind, also offering an atmospheric setting for a variety of sports and leisure activities or cultural events. Wiese Landscape Park, the largest recreation area in the entire Basel conurbation, extends beyond the boundaries of the municipality. Large areas of forest cover a section of the municipality, parts of which are still used for agriculture today – making a significant contribution to the very special mix of urban and rural lifestyle.


The world-famous Fondation Beyeler is just a few stops by bus from Schellenberg. Or a short walk.


In Riehen, more than one-fifth or 240 ha of the municipal area is covered by forest, much of it with a mature tree population of beech and oak.

It goes without saying that Riehen has excellent transport links: whether by car or public transport, you can get anywhere quickly – and back again. Shopping facilities and restaurants are plentiful; the provision of medical care is excellent. With both primary and secondary schools, a grammar school, not to mention various further education institutions, Riehen is an educational powerhouse. Should your offspring aspire to higher orders, there are universities and International Schools within easy reach.

Speaking of short distances: if – contrary to expectations – you should ever want to leave Riehen for a short time, there are fantastic excursion destinations awaiting you just across the border in the neighbouring Alsace and Baden.

Urban, but with a rural character. The Big Green Village offers not just quality of life, but more importantly: lifestyle vibe.